School Holidays Lansell Square Magic Shows, Balloon Twisting Experiences and Magic Workshop with Mister Mike

Back by popular demand! These School Holidays at Lansell Square.

11am -  The magic show - For all ages and no ticket is necessary, just arrive a good 5 minutes before 11am to secure a good spot.

12:30PM Balloon or Magic Workshops! Bookings ESSENTIAL to secure your spot. Free egistration links are at the bottom of this page. 

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Week 1

Mon Sept 24th 12:30pm Balloon Twisting Experience

Tues Sept 25th 12:30pm “Be The Magician” Workshop

Weds Sept 26th 12:30pm Balloon Twisting Experience

Week 2

Tues Oct 2nd 12:30pm Balloon Twisting Experience

Weds Oct 3rd 12:30pm “Be The Magician” Workshop

Fri Oct 5th 12:30pm Balloon Twisting Experience

Mister Mike’s Balloon Twisting Experience

An action packed fun filled workshop where you get to learn how to twist balloons and use your imagination to create awesome designs that you get to take home and keep.

Ideally suited to ages 7+. The workshop will follow the earlier free magic show at 11am with enough time to grab some lunch in between.  You will enjoy learning the basic moves of twisting and create our first designs. After that we bring out hundreds of pre-inflated balloons for the big ‘go crazy with your creativity session’ where you get to make your own wild wearable hats, jetpacks, butterflies swords – pretty much whatever your mind can create!

Parents are welcome to help the kids with their creations, especially if your kids are younger. Helping parents will not need a ticket.

Mister Mike’s “Be The Magician” Workshop

You get to learn an exciting blend of magic tricks, some with professional props, some with everyday objects. The great thing is you get to keep the all the equipment you learn on – even the professional grade props!  Although the tricks are “Easy to learn” this workshop is strictly for ages 7+ as little kids simply won’t have the dexterity to perform the moves.

The workshops will start at 12:30 PM so please be there on time so that we don’t run over on time. 


Each session is unique however they should finish between 1:30 and 2 PM.

Registration links for free workshops

Register for Balloons Mon 24th Sept 2018Mister Mike's Balloon Twisting Experience

Register for Magic Workshop Tues 25th Sept 2018Mister Mike's "Be The Magician Workshop"

Register for Balloons Wed 26th Sept 2018Mister Mike's Balloon Twisting Experience

Register for Balloons Tues 2nd Oct 2018Mister Mike's Balloon Twisting Experience

Register for "Magician" Workshop 3rd Oct 2018Mister Mike's "Be The Magician Workshop" 

Register for Balloons Fri 5th Oct 2018Mister Mike's Balloon Twisting Experience


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