What Age?

The magic shows come in all sorts of varieties to suit all ages.  The magician's show suits Birthdays, Weddings, Corporate Promotions and also educational School Programs.

For the 3-4 year old kids The Amazing Mister Mike uses puppets and a softer style to warm a crowd.

5-7 year old kids jump straight into the crazy silliness that is characterised by Mister Mike’s bumbling style where the “magician in trouble” humour lets the kids laugh as things go wrong and then usually get pulled off at the last moment.

9-12 have a more sophisticated taste in magic, including a bit of behind the scenes where the kids learn how to do a basic trick with easily available materials.

For 13+ it’s no longer kiddie magic – it’s clean adult magic all the way.

Before any booking, The Amazing Mister Mike talks with you in detail to make sure the right mix is present for your memorable show.


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