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About Mister Mike


Mister Mike Story.

At over 6 feet tall, Mike is usually the “biggest kid” in the room. He first entertained children more than 25 years ago when he worked at a summer camp in America, however everyone agrees he was rather goofy long before that!

It was during his time at summer camp that he learned that he had a real passion for educating and entertaining children. “I grew up the youngest in my family, so I never really got to play with younger kids. However, when I was at camp I found I had a natural affinity in working with the children and they had a blast learning with me.” says Mike.

He has lived in Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada. “I travelled abroad for many years after growing up in Australia. Then when our first child was born, we moved back to Australia to be close to family.”

Mike has performed at The Melbourne Magic Festival with his “WANDerful Show!”.

Mike lives happily with his wife Kathy, two boys (Ruben and Jasper) and their two cats (Mork and Mindy).

Before performing, Mike’s career was around technology and sales. “I’ve always loved communicating and sharing knowledge”, says Mike. “Magic is kind of the same thing – just with a lot more laughs!”

In his spare time, Mike loves to go camping and hiking in the high country. You can often find him on the controls of radio-controlled sailboats, cars or planes.