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More FUN to add to your event!


Watch children and adults alike get drawn into the hypnotic flow of the river of bubbles from this Amazing Bubble Machine.

My custom built crazy double bubble maker machine called BubbleMania™ will shower your event with deliciously enticing bubbles. 

Unlike traditional bubble machines which have a very short range, these bubbles travel further allowing more kids to access the bubbles at any moment.

Also our special mixes of bubble mix are perfectly balanced to make bubbles that have tremendous hang time before popping. Guests have reported seeing the bubbles still in the air literally blocks away.  I even vary the mix to suit the event!

Amazing quantity of bubbles

None of these photos have had any special effects or photoshop enhancements other than simple cropping and resizing. This is what it’s like!

Amazing Quality of Bubbles

My special bubble mixes are the result of years of testing and experimentation allowing me to pick the perfect blend to suit your event and the weather conditions of the day (yes weather affects the bubbles dramatically).

Amazing Hang Time

Your guest will be amazed with hang time and large area filling ability of the machine. The Amazing BubbleMania™ machine and awesome quality bubble mixes are the perfect blend to fill your area with crowd drawing bubbles.




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