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Highest Quality Face Painting!

Highest Quality Face Painting

Quality friendly face painters save you time, money and leave your guests super happy.

I work with the finest face painters in the region who have the rare skill of speed AND quality. This means your guests are enjoying the absolute best quality designs, plus they are getting painted 2 and sometimes 3 or 4 times faster at this high quality. My team has more than 20 years combined professional face painting experience. We have seen way too many newbie painters churning out horrid designs at mind numbingly slow speeds. Don’t inflict that on your guests. You need quality AND speed!

If your event is a small birthday party,  a themed event or has a high volume of guests, my team has you covered.

Got some specific designs or logos? Let us know so we can add it into the mix for your event.

CReative Custom Designs

Halloween? Corporate event? Sports Club? Your guests will love how we can work into your theme. While we have our trusty everyday designs that people just love, we can also do custom designs and logos to suit your event.

Super fast design options

Many face painters show all their best designs – that in reality might take 10 minutes to an hour to paint. If your event requires super speed, we have brilliantly fast designs that can be done in as little 45 seconds. This is critical for keeping big lines moving. Any parent stuck in a long line knows the purgatory-like pain of w.a.i.t.i.n.g. for a slow painter.

Our full face designs for parties are usually done in 2 to 4 minutes!

I work with the fasted, most skilled painters in the region!

Friendly face painters

I’m surprised by how often I see or hear other people comment on face painters who seem to strongly dislike working with kids. I only work with quality painters who naturally put children at ease and have fun interacting with them!




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