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More FUN to add to your event!


Watch children and adults alike get drawn into the hypnotic flow of the river of bubbles from this Amazing Bubble Machine.

My custom built crazy double bubble maker machine called BubbleMania™ will shower your event with deliciously enticing bubbles. 

Unlike traditional bubble machines which have a very short range, these bubbles travel further allowing more kids to access the bubbles at any moment.

Also our special mixes of bubble mix are perfectly balanced to make bubbles that have tremendous hang time before popping. Guests have reported seeing the bubbles still in the air literally blocks away.  I even vary the mix to suit the event!

Amazing quantity of bubbles

None of these photos have had any special effects or photoshop enhancements other than simple cropping and resizing. This is what it’s like!

Amazing Quality of Bubbles

My special bubble mixes are the result of years of testing and experimentation allowing me to pick the perfect blend to suit your event and the weather conditions of the day (yes weather affects the bubbles dramatically).

Amazing Hang Time

Your guest will be amazed with hang time and large area filling ability of the machine. The Amazing BubbleMania™ machine and awesome quality bubble mixes are the perfect blend to fill your area with crowd drawing bubbles.

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Highest Quality Face Painting

Quality friendly face painters save you time, money and leave your guests super happy.

I work with the finest face painters in the region who have the rare skill of speed AND quality. This means your guests are enjoying the absolute best quality designs, plus they are getting painted 2 and sometimes 3 or 4 times faster at this high quality. My team has more than 20 years combined professional face painting experience. We have seen way too many newbie painters churning out horrid designs at mind numbingly slow speeds. Don’t inflict that on your guests. You need quality AND speed!

If your event is a small birthday party,  a themed event or has a high volume of guests, my team has you covered.

Got some specific designs or logos? Let us know so we can add it into the mix for your event.

CReative Custom Designs

Halloween? Corporate event? Sports Club? Your guests will love how we can work into your theme. While we have our trusty everyday designs that people just love, we can also do custom designs and logos to suit your event.

Super fast design options

Many face painters show all their best designs – that in reality might take 10 minutes to an hour to paint. If your event requires super speed, we have brilliantly fast designs that can be done in as little 45 seconds. This is critical for keeping big lines moving. Any parent stuck in a long line knows the purgatory-like pain of w.a.i.t.i.n.g. for a slow painter.

Our full face designs for parties are usually done in 2 to 4 minutes!

I work with the fasted, most skilled painters in the region!

Friendly face painters

I’m surprised by how often I see or hear other people comment on face painters who seem to strongly dislike working with kids. I only work with quality painters who naturally put children at ease and have fun interacting with them!

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Dangerous Comedy Juggling Show

Your guests will feel amazement and maybe a little bit of fear watching the 15 minute Dangerous Comedy Juggling Show performed by a kid!

A great add-on to a stage show for festivals, large birthday parties and corporate events. Ruben juggles balls, machete knives and even balances on a skateboard deck that is balancing on a large roller, while juggling fire!

A tightly paced comedy show with loads of perceived danger. The humour works great with kids and adults too.

Ruben also has a large assortment of juggling gear to run workshops. This includes balls and silks, which drift down slowly making them an excellent transition tool when going for that extra ball.


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Balloon Twisting

Looking to add that something extra, how about some awesome balloon twisting?

Balloons are always a hit with the crowd. We twist at Birthday Parties, Fetes, Festivals and Corporate events.

If your event has lots of people to get through quickly, my team stick to the more basic rapid designs to keep that line moving. With less time pressure the designs get more complex.

If you book a Birthday party with balloon twisting, we have a little surprise balloon for the birthday child.

We also offer a “Balloon Twisting Experience” which is a workshop where everyone gets to learn how to do an assortment of basic balloon designs. Then the crowd goes nuts with a twisting ‘free for all’ and create amazing designs on their own.


Bright, fun and loads of different designs. The birthday boy loved his special ‘Birthday Boy Special’ Spiderman.

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Show Extensions


Teach a Trick upgrade.

‘Kids love to learn magic and the Teach A Trick add-on sure ticks that box!

My ‘General Teach a Trick’ session uses items you most likely already have in your home right now. I give everybody one of the items which they get to keep. I also teach them how to make one from scratch if they lose or break their item. This works for kids age 6 and up.

In the ‘Professional Teach a Trick’ add-on, I supply and teach a more impressive pro-trick, again they get to keep their special magic prop. These start from just $5 per child however there are various options to suit the age of the group.

Magic Backdrop Upgrade

Bring the feel of the theatre into your lounge with the actual backdrop I use for stage events. Make your special day even more special!

Your photos will be super-punchy and we don’t need to worry about reflections off surfaces in your lounge room (sometimes things happen behind a magician’s back and a shiny tv screen can spoil the surprise).

It was custom made for me in the USA and is adjustable up to 9 foot high and 15 foot wide yet can fit even the smallest lounge room. This upgrade is just $50 extra.




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